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We receive those who request Consultations until very late at night are available by reservation.

Consultations hours

Consultations hours

To book the a consultation after 9:30 p.m., please notify contact us, at the latest, the day before 9 : 30 p.m. on the previous day to make the a reservation at the latest.

These schedules do not mean that our activities
This schedule does not mean that our services are related to general first aid, whether due to (especially physical, even due toor mental disorders).
Most of our patients work in the heart of the city and are suffer depressed depression or neurotic neurosis and ask for a consultation after their finishing work.

In case of emergency, dial telephone number: 119 (fire stationofficers in Japan transporting the sick or injured by ambulance is freeat no charge in Japan), or: 03-5272-0303 (HIMAWARI: Tokyo Metropolitan Medical Institution

10:30 p.m. is the deadline for reception inlatest available appointment at our office.
A consultation can last until midnight.
Do not hesitate to contact us at 03-3255-4730, if you need a reservation

Main consultation fees

1 initial consultation fee 274 points
2 additional patient fees introduced for persons under 74 years of age: 50 points; for people over 75 years old: 55 points
3 basic consultation fees 74 points
4 additional basic consultation fees for people under the age of 74: 52 points; for people over 75: 57 points
5 fees for the first consultation of the month 5 points (for the first consultation of the month)
6 consultation fees for specific diseases 225 points (xfee capped at 2 times per month)
7 advice fees for advice on the hygiene of daily lifehealthy living (for people aged 75) 225 points (fee capped at 2 times per monthx2 per month)
8 epilepsy consultation fees 250 points (fee capped at 1 time per monthx1 per month)
9 psychiatric consultation fees 370 points (500 points for the first consultation)
10 prescription costs 69 points (41 points: more than 7 peri gold drugs?) / 71 points: including generic drug / 43 points: more than 7 peri gold drugs.
11 additional prescription charges for specific illnesses 15 points (fee capped at 2 times per monthx2 per month), 45 points (fee capped at 1 time per month x1 per month- for more than 28 prescription days)
12 costs for providing information 14 A: addressed to the a firm 220 points; B: sent to the a hospital 290 points
13 medical certificate writing fee ¥ 2,000 (¥ 5,000 for disabled pensioners)


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